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What Arden University do differentlyWe know that many people are constrained by expectation, geography, financial circumstance, other commitments or even just by time. We know there is a desire to break free, enjoy learning and become the best you can be.Arden works hard to remove barriers to Higher Education, inspiring new ways to learn and enriching people and their lives.We listen to our students and believe that we offer the most flexible, supportive and high-quality learning experience possible – all wrapped up into affordable options so that students can focus on their studies.We want to unlock the potential in everyone.Increasing the value of your studiesIf you think a low-cost qualification means it is less valuable, think again.The degrees awarded by Arden are highly vocational and are designed to equip students with the transferable skills needed in today’s workplace.Many of the degree and masters courses (which include business, law, healthcare, computing, psychology) are endorsed by professional bodies, and Arden is one of only five institutions in the UK to offer an online Qualifying Law Degree.Dr Philip Hallam, vice chancellor and CEO of Arden University, says: “As a modern university for a modern world, we do not expect students to sit in lectures passively learning by taking notes. Instead Arden University students learn online and then apply what they have learned through problem-based activities and this develops them into solution-oriented individuals.Many of our students are already in employment and building a career. So we do not focus on getting them just ‘any’ job, rather we help them to progress professionally.”


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